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Immerse students in the what and when of Texas history

A Journey Through the History of Texas

Engage students in the story of your great state in a compelling new way!

Aligned to TEKS and the Five Themes of Geography

Mapping Texas History has flexibility built in. Use the program as a foundation or customize it to fit your curriculum.

Your students will discover relationships and patterns between the people and places of Texas history by building a chronological foundation of key events, looking for causes and effects, and analyzing maps, graphs, photos, and text. 

Build History, Geography, and Interdisciplinary Skills

The Mapping Texas History program contextualizes history for greater retention. Each unit in the teacher’s guide starts off with an activity focused specifically on using primary sources. 

Through the hands-on lessons, students build map- and graph-reading skills alongside interdisciplinary skills such as critical thinking, writing, and communication. Students also work collaboratively on mapping activities.

A Look Inside

Support your secondary history classroom with the NEW Mapping Texas History program, which includes:

  • Comprehensive teacher’s guide with reproducible lessons
  • 30 student copies of the Atlas of Texas History
  • 15 markable activity maps designed for collaborative learning
  • 5-year digital access through Nystrom World

Explore Digitally

Mapping Texas History is also available as a digital mapping program. Use it alongside the physical program or on its own. The interactive digital mapping activities can be assigned, tracked, and graded through one interface on Nystrom World.

Using print and digital together offers teachers flexibility in delivery and students the opportunity to engage with content in multiple formats. 

Nystrom Hands-on Mapping Programs


Our World Today

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“Incorporating hands-on activities with maps can help students ground themselves in a specific location when discussing geography or history. This forms a connection that is tangible, experiential, and therefore memorable.”
Dr. Aaron P. Willis
Chief Learning Officer, Social Studies School Service

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