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Zombie-Based Geography

A highly-engaging curriculum based on national geography standards

Geography Skills = Survival Skills

Put your middle school students’ geographic literacy skills to good use as they strategize how to survive a zombie invasion using simulation-based learning.

Learning that Feels Like Fun

Zombie-Based Geography pulls middle school students in from the start by seamlessly weaving together the excitement of a zombie thriller with geography skills and concepts. The program includes:

  • Dead Reckon e-book
  • 3 curriculum units with 10 projects
  • Digital curriculum in Active Classroom

Mapping the Outbreak

When the undead first come salivating for brains, survival depends on students building the following skills.

  • Analyzing spatial relationships
  • Examining connections
  • Defining regions
  • Mental mapping

Surviving the Environment

After the initial outbreak, survival depends on students putting the following geography concepts into play.

  • Landform and climate patterns
  • Human-environment interaction
  • Natural resource usage
  • Migration patterns

Planning for the Future

Long-term survival depends on starting over somewhere safer, and that requires students to do geographic planning using the following geography concepts.

  • Land-use patterns
  • Renewable resources
  • Human-environment impact
  • Predictive and cultural geography
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“I’ve already taken a few unofficial surveys of my students as to engagement and they’re off the charts with loving how the simulation is going and how much they’re learning and being inspired because of it. Kids are dressing up, too! Some have even reached out to family members in Guatemala. One of our noon supervisors ¬†ended up purchasing a genetics kit to learn more about her history. It’s really incredible how this unit has inspired and engaged our whole learning community!”
Amy Murphy
Grade 7 Educator

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