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See How Young Citizens Works

Hands-On Social Studies

Young Citizens makes it easy for teachers to 

  • meet the needs of all learners using leveled student readers;
  • use a hands-on approach to teaching skills with markable maps and globes; and
  • extend the learning, giving students opportunities to apply knowledge at new levels.


Social Studies Reader showing to levels of content

Interaction with Text and Images

Your students will also have opportunities to 

  • interact with a variety of text and images;
  • talk about their discoveries with their peers; and
  • interact with primary sources such as historical photos.

Active and Scaffolded Learning

With the aid of desk maps and kid-sized globes, students get hands-on skills practice, engage in conversations, and respond to their peers’ ideas. Maps and globes are scaffolded to meet the needs of students in Kindergarten through Grade 5.

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