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Nystrom Young Citizens Grade 4 Encounter

A comprehensive, hands-on social studies curriculum

Encounter Young Citizens

Encounter your state’s past and present in this complete, interactive curriculum where teachers invite students to explore their state’s history, economics, and more.

State Studies

Engage students in their state’s history and geography with powerful lessons crafted to be hands-on and rigorous. Students will have fun while learning about important topics through the student book, Group Activity Cards, and nonfiction Leveled Student Readers.

Inquiry & Literacy

This literary-focused social studies curriculum features an engaging student book, detailed teacher’s guide and online platform, wet-erase maps and globes, engaging activities, leveled student readers, and more. Students will learn how to take a deeper dive into their state history, and uncover key factual information on their state’s communities, economy, and more.


Students learn better when they are actively engaged. Nystrom Young Citizens includes hands-on maps, globes, and activities for students to not only develop literacy and inquiry, but also key geographic mapping and spatial thinking skills. The curriculum as a whole helps students learn how to take informed action with more academic rigor and less work.

Encourage Biliteracy

The curriculum fosters multilingual and biliteracy skills for young learners. English-speaking students can build biliteracy skills with the Spanish versions of the Student Book, Leveled Student Readers, and Group Activity Cards. The program also works to support ELL students when they follow along with the Spanish versions of the text.


A new elementary curriculum crafted for the modern classroom, Nystrom’s Young Citizens Grade 4 has lessons that are available digitally to promote higher level thinking, and are easy to follow throughout the program. The online platform features many additional features, such as engaging activities and auto graded assessments. Both teachers and students can access content anywhere, anytime.

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Student Book

The grade-specific texts use comic-style storytelling that builds from foundational skills. The first three chapters focus on state history, while the last 3 offer information on a broader spectrum. 30 books are included with the following chapters:


  • Chapter 1: How Are People Connected in Our Community?
  • Chapter 2: How Did Our State Develop Over Time?
  • Chapter 3: What Is It Like to Live in Our State Today?
  • Chapter 4: How Did the United States Develop Over Time?
  • Chapter 5: What Is It Like to Live in the United States Today?
  • Chapter 6: How Are People Connected Throughout the World?

Leveled Student Readers

The Leveled Student Readers are grade specific in the program. With the help of the narrative and nonfiction texts, the Leveled Student Readers can help to meet student needs at any level. Young Citizens Grade 4 includes 6 unique titles in 4 different reading levels, 8 copies of each,  for a total of 192 Leveled Student Readers.


  • The Battle of Trenton: Why Was It a Turning Point in the Revolutionary War?
  • Regional Folklore: What Does It Tell Us About Americans?
  • National Parks: Who Works There and What Do They Do?
  • Nigeria: What is Life Like?
  • Dorothea Dix and Thomas Edison: How Did Their Contributions Improve Life in America?
  • Ethnic Groups in Amer: How Have They Changed Over Time?
Young Citizens

Group Activity Cards

This set of information cards features engaging content and student activities, and each card corresponds with a chapter from the Student Reader. There are 6 variations of the cards (one for each chapter), 6 copies of each variation, for a total of 36 cards.

Set of 30 maps and 6 globes


Maps & Globes

Laminated wet-erase maps and globes let students get hands-on with social studies. Included are:

  • 30 Markable Community Maps
  • 30 Markable U.S. & World Desk Maps
  • 30 Markable New Jersey Desk Maps
  • 6 Markable Activity Globes
  • Wide-tip, wet-erase markers

Online Learning

The online learning platform provides access to all the books and activity cards in the program, plus the platform features engaging activities, auto-graded assessments, and additional materials that are easy to access anywhere with an available internet connection.


Teacher and class access are included.


Teacher's Guide

The teacher’s guide is a powerful tool for teachers that outlines each lesson and features teacher tips, activity sheets, assessments, vocabulary guides, letters home, plus much more.