Desk Atlas 2018_Autralia and Oceania

Nystrom Desk Atlas

The official atlas for the University Interscholastic League (UIL) A+ contest. 

The A+ Maps, Graphs & Charts contest is a competition for students grades 5-8 designed to help students learn how to gather information from a variety of maps, graphs, and charts including world maps, pie charts, bar charts, and local area maps.

UIL Contest

Official Contest Rules 

The Official Atlas of the UIL A+ Contest

Get your very own Nystrom Desk Atlas for the University Interscholastic League A+ Maps, Graphs & Charts Contest.


Nystrom Desk Atlas

The Nystrom Desk Atlas

Fifth Edition



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UIL A+ Maps, Graphs & Charts Contest


Find out all the elements of the A+ Maps, Graphs & Charts contest directly from the UIL website. 

UIL Contest



Click for a PDF of the A+ Maps, Graphs & Charts contest rules to view on your device or print for a hard copy.

Official Contest Rules


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