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Texas Specific

Designed to inspire deep interaction with content while aligning with standards in your state. 

Embrace Texas Heritage

All the Texas resources specifically designed to fit all of your classroom needs


Texas Studies, Grades 4 and 5

Available in print and digitally

A variety of readings and correlated activities that turn students into Lone Star scholars. Texas Studies includes a student reader and teacher’s guide with reproducible handouts (available in Spanish). You and your students can also access Texas Studies Level I digitally on Active Classroom.


Digitized Elementary Map Sets

Featured on Nystrom World

Digital versions of the Nystrom elementary maps you’ve come to rely on. A useful toolbar makes it easy for students to navigate the maps, zoom in, and mark them up, which improves accessibility and leads to deeper knowledge.


Texas State Edition Active Classroom License

A core curriculum plus supplemental resources

A variety of social studies courses, inquiry-based activities, and other digital resources aligned to Texas state standards. Active Classroom, an easy-to-use platform, also provides assessments with question types that are STAAR approved for the Texas classroom.


Mexican American and African American Studies

Included in the Texas State Edition Active Classroom License

Innovative courses with skill-building activities. Our new Mexican American Studies course with curriculum maps is now available in Active Classroom. The African American Studies course with curriculum maps is coming soon in fall 2021.


Atlas of Texas History and Student Activities

New from Nystrom, available in print and digitally

Specifically designed to meet the revised TEKS. The Atlas of Texas History and correlated activities engage students with compelling maps, graphics, and photographs as well as a diversity of notable historical figures. Access the e-atlas and exclusive interactive activities on Nystrom World.


Texas/U.S./World Map Set

Physical wall maps

Colorful, easy-to-use, well-organized wall maps. Give students a visual understanding of Texas county boundaries, geographical features, capitals, and city populations. The wall maps are mounted on a spring roller for quick access.


Desk Maps

Student-sized versions of the Texas wall maps

Markable desk maps make it easy for students to follow along as the teacher highlights features on the wall maps. The desk maps facilitate hands-on mapping activities that cement the learning of geographical features, capitals, city populations, and more.


Texas on Nystrom World

A variety of digital resources for blended classrooms

Support learning anytime, anywhere. Access the Atlas of Texas History, in English and Spanish, Texas Interactive Mapping Activities, and other engaging resources as well as teaching and learning tools—all from one easy-to-use dashboard.


TEXAS: Decision Making in U.S. History

Reproducible activity book

Also available as a download. Involve students in real historical problems that convey powerful lessons about Texas history with these thought-provoking activities. Students will build on their decision-making, critical-thinking, and perspective-taking skills.


Nystrom Desk Atlas

Official atlas for the University Interscholastic League (UIL) A+ contest

Features up-to-date maps, graphs, photos, infographics, and articles. Empower all types of learners to explore important environmental, humanitarian, economic, and cultural issues affecting the world today. Available in print and as an e-book with interactive activities on Nystrom World.

New in this Edition

All maps, charts, graphs, captions, and Issues Today articles in the newest Nystrom Desk Atlas have been
updated to reflect the most recent data. This longer edition also includes a new design and new photos.

New Content:

  • New Understanding Map Projections spread
  • New chart, graph, and information about internally displaced people
  • New map covering the Syrian refugee crisis
  • New map of Cuba and its neighbors
  • New Deforestation map
  • New Air Pollution map
  • New Issues Today articles: National Development, Refugees, International Organizations, Urbanization, and Rising Sea Level
  • And more!
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“The Atlases are age appropriate and are bright and inviting for the students. The teachers like the resources that go with the atlases since they connect with literacy lessons and standards. I also like how the atlases build upon each other each year, you can really see the progression of geography skills.”
Suzanne Gons
District Supervisor of Social Studies

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