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Texas History Resources

Our Texas history resources for grade 4 and grade 7 are designed to inspire deep interaction with content while aligning with standards in your state. 

Free Lesson

Texas Studies
Cotton, Cattle, and Railroads
Teach students about the evolution of cattle, cotton, and railroads, including boom and bust cycles, and the beginning of urbanization in Texas.

Atlas of Texas History

Discover all the geographic history Texas has to offer in this beautifully illustrated atlas. Students will be able to uncover historical facts from the first inhabitants of Texas, as well as learn about the diversity of modern Texas.

Notable Content:

  • An easy to understand “Using This Atlas ” guide
  • Notable Texans excerpts give a spotlight to those who played major roles in history
  • Land maps showcase geographic diversity
  • Understand the conflicts between the different groups that settled in Texas
  • The Modern Texas Unit covers what living in Texas is like today

Mapping Texas History

Mapping Texas History has flexibility built in. Use the program as a foundation or customize it to fit your curriculum.

Your students will discover relationships and patterns between the people and places of Texas history by building a chronological foundation of key events, looking for causes and effects, and analyzing maps, graphs, photos, and text.

Texas History Map

Texas History Map

12-Map set

Provide a deeper look into key events in Texas and U.S. history with 12 wall maps, mounted on a roller:

  • Native Americans in Texas
  • Spanish Explorers
  • Spanish Settlements
  • Republic of Texas
  • War With Mexico; 1846–1848
  • American Expansion
  • Slavery and the Economy; 1860
  • The Union and the Confederacy
  • Indian Wars; 1622–1890
  • Railroads Transform the West
  • Great Depression and Dust Bowl
  • Texas Energy Resources

Desk Maps

map set (NYS3442)

Facilitate hands-on mapping activities with markable desk maps showing county boundaries, geographical features, capitals, city populations, and more. These match our Texas wall map so students can follow along while the teacher works at the front of the class.

Texas/U.S./World Map Set

Give students a visual understanding of Texas county boundaries, geographical features, capitals, and city populations. These colorful, easy to use, and well-organized wall maps are mounted on a spring roller for quick access.

Texas Studies 4th Grade

Readings and correlated activities that engage every learning style turn fourth grade students into Lone Star scholars. Includes a student reader and teacher’s guide with reproducible handouts. Also available in Spanish.

Texas Studies 7th Grade Active Classroom License

Go digital with our easy-to-use platform that allows students to explore Texas social studies. This newly redesigned program provides activities that differentiate while providing practice in skills that address state standards.

Meet Your State Curriculum Specialists

Jason Ihlenfeld

Texas curriculum specialist

800-421-4246 x293

I had spectacular teachers who inspired me to focus my college years in the Social Sciences, finishing a B.A. in History, and minors in Political Science, Sociology, and Business. I spent eight years as a social studies classroom teacher.

Summer Carter

Texas curriculum specialist

800-421-4246 x292

Social studies has always been my passion. After graduating from Texas Christian University with a B.S. in Education focusing on secondary social studies, I taught high school economics and world history.

Enhance the Classroom

Contact your curriculum specialist about bringing these exciting maps and globes into your school!