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Take a Closer Look at Storypath

Become Informed Citizens

Engage your entire class in an interactive electoral process. Students own their learning by creating their own political parties, campaigns, and slogans. Using character-based learning, students have opportunities to understand and consider each other’s perspectives.

Storypath Elections simulation
Storypath Freedom Summer simulation

Time Travel to the Civil Rights Movement

Give your students the opportunity to better understand the freedom summer of 1964. Students role-play volunteers and join the civil rights movement, advancing their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Students also engage in civic discussions with one another.

Gain a Perspective of World War II

Take an inquiry approach to the Japanese American experience during World War II. The project begins with building background knowledge to help students create and immerse themselves within a community in 1940. A student portfolio supports learners in conducting research.

Storypath World War II and the Japanese American Experience simulation

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