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Take a Closer Look at Social Studies Readers

Cover the Same Nonfiction Content at Different Levels

Social Studies Readers cover the same basic content at two levels for Kindergarten and four levels for Grades 1–5. More detailed information is available to students at higher reading levels. The content and colorful illustrations provided in the readers track page-for-page at all levels. 

Improve Depth of Knowledge for All Students

The pre- and post-reading activities are aimed at improving depth of knowledge and communicating new learning. They can be completed individually, in small groups, or as a whole class. Activity types in each reader are as follows: Reading Comprehension, Analyzing Primary Sources, and Taking Action or Communicating Results. 

Available Online Too!

Social Studies Readers are available in print and as e-books at Nystrom World. Get a free trial to look through all the readers. Fill out the form below.

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