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Social Studies Simulations

Narrative-based, interactive learning experiences for all learning types

Enhance Student Understanding with Interactive Learning

Simulation-based learning and role-play exercises are a favorite among students. Using a mix of role-playing, character-building, and storytelling, open-ended simulations place students in critical moments in history and detailed fictional scenarios. 

Engage Students with Immersive Learning

Facilitate learning through interactive storytelling simulations that allow students to feel and see information, as well as understand it. The depth of immersion that takes place during participatory learning provides students with a memorable experience and skill development at all grade levels. Find power in using stories as a fun learning method in the classroom.

Facilitate Civil Discourse with Simulations

Simulation-based learning allows students to make sense of issues and concepts in relatable ways and enhance their understandings of social studies concepts. Some activities can last weeks, while others are as short as fifteen minutes. There is something available for every classroom.

Foster Enthusiasm for Learning

Interact and Storypath help foster empathy and civil discourse in the classroom, as students experience events from a variety of perspectives. Simulations offer a formalized manner to facilitate student progress. These methods develop critical thinking skills and improves content retention. 

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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin
Founding father of the U.S.S.

Simulation Highlights

Storypath Elections

Immerse students in an interactive election experience. Students will debate issues, negotiate problems, and learn how the American political system works.

Zombie-Based Geography - Outbreak

When the undead first come slavering for brains, survival depends on mapping the attacks, identifying infected regions and safety zones, and locating supply caches and emergency escape routes.

Interact Civil War

Students learn about Union and Confederate life in camp and on the homefront, reenact battles, portray notable figures, and more.

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