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A New Mapping

Enhance student understanding by showing where history happened

Bring the spirit of exploration into the classroom with our secondary mapping programs

The Complete Program

Our mapping programs come with everything you need to bring experiential, hands-on learning to your secondary students

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Class set of 30 student atlases
  • Class set of 15 markable desk maps

Mapping United States History

Make history feel tangible by showing where it all happened. Mapping United States History is a robust program that integrates geography with history, helping students cultivate map skills, enhance geographic literacy, and sharpen critical thinking.

Mapping Our World

Mapping Our World provides students with rich coverage of each continent. The opportunities for exploration are endless with a variety of land cover, political relief, and thematic maps at your fingertips.

Mapping World History

Relate world history to your students’ modern lives with our highly visual, hands-on Mapping World History program. Students will merge tangible geographic context with historical events, leading to deeper engagement without sacrificing rigor. 

Integrate our mapping programs digitally


MAPPING world history

mapping united states history

The Explorer module on Nystrom World includes all three mapping programs, digitized and expanded.

Access materials, assign lessons, keep track of student progress, and easily provide feedback and grade assignments.

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“Incorporating hands-on activities with maps can help students ground themselves in a specific location when discussing geography or history. This forms a connection that is tangible, experiential, and therefore memorable.”
Dr. Aaron P. Willis
Chief Learning Officer, Social Studies School Service

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