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Atlases for
every classroom

Help students visualize the world’s lands and peoples with highly visual geography and history content

Evoke the spirit of investigation and exploration with Nystrom's atlases and activities

Engage young students in the world around them with this complete program. Introduce them to key social studies concepts and build the foundation for essential skills in a grade appropriate manner with this uniquely rigorous and hands-on program.

Atlases by Subject

Nystrom offers unique atlases and activities for a variety of secondary subjects. Our atlases integrate social studies concepts with tangible current events that enhance student comprehension and spark inquiry.

The Nystrom Desk Atlas

The Nystrom Desk Atlas enables students to visualize the world’s lands and peoples, compare continents, and understand environmental, economic, and cultural issues. It also features “Issues Today” articles that examine two sides of a global issue.

The Nystrom Atlas of U.S. History

Rich in information and clear in presentation, The Nystrom Atlas of United States History emphasizes recurring themes to build a sense of historical continuity and an awareness of cause and effect.

The Nystrom Atlas of World History

Relate world history to your students’ modern lives with The Nystrom Atlas of World History. Students will learn about historical events within a geographic context and engage with important topics through “Historical Issues Today” articles.

The Nystrom World Atlas

Explore places near and far with The Nystrom World Atlas. In this atlas you will find shaded-relief political maps, shaded-relief land cover maps, thematic maps, photographs, infographics, and explanatory sidebar text for all seven continents. 

Discover all of the ways to enhance your atlas

Digital Atlases and Activities

Nystrom World  is the digital home for all of our maps, atlases, and mapping programs as well as exclusive interactive activities.

Access your atlas digitally from any device when you sign up for a subscription.

Search for and assign interactive activities to engage your 21st century learners.

Mapping Programs

Our mapping programs pair your favorite Nystrom atlases with markable activity maps and a teacher’s guide for a participatory, hands-on learning experience.

Our Mapping Programs 

Mapping U.S. History
Mapping World History
Mapping Our World 

Digital Atlases and Activities

Complete your class with our secondary atlas packs. Each atlas pack comes with 30 student atlases, a reproducible activity book, and digital access to your atlas with exclusive, interactive activities. 

Spark inquiry in your classroom

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