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Travel Further into Nystrom World

Foster Student Ownership

Equip high school classrooms with a range of interactive political, physical, and thematic maps as well as a 3D satellite globe with The Geographer. Teachers can scaffold learning by adding borders and features. And students can take ownership of their learning with the built-in toolbar. 

Provide Multiple Ways to Act Upon New Learning

Access the high school collection of Nystrom atlases in the form of flipbooks through The Researcher. Download writable PDFs of the print activities and assign interactive activities, exclusive to Nystrom World. Students act upon their new learning using multistep problems and a variety of question types. 

Put Geography at the Foundation of Social Studies

Supplement high school social studies with interactive mapping programs. The Explorer interactive mapping activities correspond to the print versions of the programs. These interactives guide students in reading, interpreting, and marking up digital maps. 

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