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Nystrom Maps & Globes

Markable, hands-on maps and globes designed to engage even the most reluctant students

Spark Engagement

Students who learn by doing are the most likely to retain their new-found knowledge. Bring the educational benefits of play into the classroom with Nystrom’s hands-on, markable globes, wall maps, and desk maps. Discover Nystrom hands-on products below.

How are you engaging students and improving their geographic literacy?

Map & Globe Class Packs

Globes and their matching wall maps, all markable with our wet-erase markers, enable students to contextualize geography and reinforce lessons in history and geography.

Find maps that cover U.S. geography, world geography, U.S. history, world history, U.S. political, and world political maps


Our globes are scaffolded, empowering teachers to build geographic literacy skills over time. The hands-on nature of the textured and markable globes makes them the perfect tool to deepen student understanding from elementary school to high school.

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Desk Maps

State, U.S., and world desk maps, designed to be markable and hands-on, make geography tangible for students in a world that is increasingly digital. Bring the power of hands-on learning into your classroom. Take a look at the desk maps we have to offer.

Take Me There

Wall Maps

Wall maps have been an important part of social studies classrooms for over a hundred years. As maps become more and more digital, make sure students have the learning power of a physical wall map at the ready in their classrooms.

Choose from one of our pre-made sets or customize your own wall map set!

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Digital Maps

Nystrom World is home to over 100 maps in a variety of subjects and skill levels. Each map can optionally display political features, physical features, cities, and borders.  Students are encouraged to get hands-on by drawing, writing, measuring, and marking up their digital maps. 

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Enhance the Classroom

Contact your curriculum specialist about bringing these exciting maps and globes into your school!