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Exploring Where and Why

Training of Trainers

Northside Independent School District

Welcome to the Social Studies School Service Family

Soon, your new resource, Exploring Where and Why, will arrive on your campuses. Exciting right!? Because this is a new resource it is essential that there is a plan for implementation. You are an integral part of that plan as you will lead training efforts on your campuses.

Because of your recent participation in the Exploring Where and Why Training of Trainers program, you have access to the materials and resources that will support your campus training.

Facilitator Guide

Includes before-session prep, expected outcomes, and activity details (12 page Word doc)


Download Guide


Exploring Where and Why: Training for Trainers PPT and PPT outline

Download PPT

Download PPT Outline


Supporting Resources

  • Action Plan
  • Scribe Messenger Activity

Download Activity

Download Plan

Exemplar Lessons

Exemplar lessons from the Where and Why program


Download Lessons

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