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The Writing Company, a division of Social Studies School Service, has been a leader since the early 1980s in bringing together resources to help language arts teachers improve their students’ written expression. We search out the highest quality supplementary learning materials. Our experienced editorial staff and teacher consultants carefully evaluate titles from hundreds of publishers, searching for materials that are effective, balanced, easy to use, and reasonably priced.

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The Center for Learning provides top quality educational resources that can be used in classrooms nation-wide. This site brings together resources from established publishers like Interact, Good Year Books, Mindsparks, and J. Westin Walch, as well as from important imprints like the Writing Co. and Counselor Resources.

With materials for grades K-12 and across a variety of subjects, this is the place for educators to find everything they need in one place. Discover some of the products you can find on our new site below.


Writing Short Stories

This set of 12 indispensable lesson plans and 24 reproducible handouts provides students with both an understanding of the short story and experience in writing it. After a brief overview of the short story, focusing upon the role played by Edgar Allan Poe in defining the form, an introductory lesson addresses the components of the genre and the eternal question, “How do you decide what to write about?”

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Multicultural Literature

A set of 20 lessons on literature by renowned American writers of various racial and ethnic backgrounds, including Amy Tan and Raymond Carver. The lessons are grouped under three key themes: family relationships, turning points, and community. Each lesson presents objectives, notes, detailed procedures, suggestions for additional study, and highly engaging reproducible activities that encourage readers to develop empathy and insight into other cultures.

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Creative Dramatics

Using language arts as a starting point, 12 cross-disciplinary lessons encourage students to use their imaginations as they gain experience in listening, speaking, moving, and reacting creatively and spontaneously. Each lesson presents objectives, notes, detailed procedures for 2–7 activities, and reproducible handouts.

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The Men and Women of Letters

Students analyze the model letters and then craft letters of their own. The models include actual letters from famous figures, historical context for the letters, tips on how to write the particular genre, and, just for fun, historical background on the origins of each of the 26 letters of the alphabet.

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Social Studies School Service is proud to own multiple publishing imprints and core programs. Each imprint is committed to increasing student engagement through its own unique voice and products.

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