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Guided by the framework and values set forth in the American School Counselor Association's National Model, School Counselor Resources each year evaluates hundreds of publications, videos, posters, games, and other promising materials. We find the very best ones to help counselors deliver appropriate services to students, parents, educators, and the wider school community, and we describe those resources as objectively as we can.

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The Center for Learning provides top quality educational resources that can be used in classrooms nation-wide. This site brings together resources from established publishers like Interact, Good Year Books, Mindsparks, and J. Westin Walch, as well as from important imprints like the Writing Co. and Counselor Resources.

With materials for grades K-12 and across a variety of subjects, this is the place for educators to find everything they need in one place. Discover some of the products you can find on our new site below.


Turn Away from Teasing

Offers kids supportive advice on how to respond to teasing, how to stop teasing others, how to recognize when teasing turns to bullying, and what to do when someone else is being teased.

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How (and Why) to Get Students Talking

Create a safe, supportive space for students to connect and "just talk" about the complex experiences of adolescence with these tried-and-true guided discussions. Divided by topic—stress, identity, family, feelings, relationships, and future—the self-contained, step-by-step sessions zero in on issues ranging from procrastination and test scores to eating disorders and bullying. 

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I Wish My Teacher Knew

What will your students answer if you ask them to respond honestly to this prompt: "I wish my teacher knew ______." Dozens of emotional and insightful handwritten notes from real students reveal the power of the prompt to help teachers and counselors better understand the challenges their students face and so to help them handle problems and grow as individuals. Interspersed are stories from teachers and family members.

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Boost Emotional Intelligence in Students

Help students become more self-aware and self-reflective with 30 hands-on lessons, centered around productive and respectful discussions. This practical resource explains what emotional intelligence (EQ) is, why it’s important, and how it can be taught in an intentional, developmentally appropriate, and focused way.

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Social Studies School Service is proud to own multiple publishing imprints and core programs. Each imprint is committed to increasing student engagement through its own unique voice and products.

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