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Guided by the framework and values first devised by the Joint Committee for National School Health Education Standards, Classroom Health Resources helps educators lead students to the fulfillment of the seven NSHE standards, with resources covering areas such as drug education, sexuality education, physical fitness, body image, the human body, mental health, nutrition, first aid, and more. 

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The Center for Learning provides top quality educational resources that can be used in classrooms nation-wide. This site brings together resources from established publishers like Interact, Good Year Books, Mindsparks, and J. Westin Walch, as well as from important imprints like the Writing Co. and Counselor Resources.

With materials for grades K-12 and across a variety of subjects, this is the place for educators to find everything they need in one place. Discover some of the products you can find on our new site below.


How Addiction Hijacks the Brain

Focusing on the science behind how drugs affect the brain, this program details how adolescent brains respond to and are changed by continual drug use. As young recovering addicts share their own experiences, scientists and researchers explain the changes in the brain that lead to tolerance, dependence, addiction, and altered mental functioning. 

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Anatomy Coloring Workbook

Students gain a deeper understanding of anatomical concepts and improve their ability to visualize the body’s structures by coloring their way through the human body. This interactive, visual approach covers the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive systems.

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Eat This!

Identifying the many ways that children are exposed to unhealthy foods—from product placement in the media and celebrity endorsements to eye-level candy at the grocery store checkout—this accessible book teaches children how to resist and take charge of their own health.

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Physical Activity Bingo

Challenge students to be more active—and have fun doing it—with this fun twist on a classic game. The teacher draws from 30 cards with stretches and exercises on them (e.g., star jumps, toe touches, shoulder rolls) and the whole class performs the movement. Students who have that activity on their card get to cover it, and the first one to get bingo wins!

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