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Understanding historical events through a geographic lens

Explore Where History Happened

Have students map their way through the world

Gather, Organize, and Synthesize Evidence

Nystrom’s Mapping World History provides rigorous social studies instruction that includes atlases, reproducible handouts, easy to mark activity maps, assessments, and a detailed teacher’s guide.

Create Robust Social Studies Instruction

Help improve not only textual literacy, but also refines map-reading skills. The recurring themes build a sense of historical continuity and an awareness of cause and effect.

A Look Inside

Support your secondary world history or geography classroom with the newly updated, hands-on Mapping World History series. The program includes a comprehensive student atlas, teacher’s guide, and 6 markable activity maps. 

Explore Digitally

Integrate Nystrom’s Mapping World History digitally with Nystrom World, ensuring students can immerse themselves in the topics through any device with internet access. A digital subscription–available separately or added as a bundle to the print program–includes additional close-reading activities and online assessments.

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“Incorporating hands-on activities with maps can help students ground themselves in a specific location when discussing geography or history. This forms a connection that is tangible, experiential, and therefore memorable.”
Dr. Aaron P. Willis
Chief Learning Officer, Social Studies School Service

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