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Our Country's Geography

New! Nystrom Grade 4 Atlas


Expansive Views

Engage fourth graders in an exploration of landforms, bodies of water, and interesting facts unique to each region of the United States.

Discover What's Inside

Our Country’s Geography focuses on more advanced map skills and explores the regions of the United States, including environmental, geographic, and technological developments.

Taking Action pop-outs ask compelling questions to inspire fourth graders to engage with their environments. 

Build Foundational Skills

Fourth graders focus on the diverse regions of the U.S. as they learn skills and concepts, such as:

  • Compare maps, globe views, and other visual materials
  • Become familiar with the five themes of geography
  • Apply themes and concepts while interpreting reference materials
  • Use social studies skills to gather information
  • Learn about regions of the United States

Turnkey and Cross-Curricular

Engaging activities guide fourth graders in focusing on every aspect of their atlas and applying skills in a variety of contexts. 

Activities take 15–20 minutes and can be rearranged to match your curriculum, making it easy to incorporate social studies into instructional time. 

Literacy lessons are designed to build ELA skills and concepts—such as citing reasons and evidence and conducting a research project—in the context of social studies.

Anytime, Anywhere

Meet students where they are and engage parents in their learning with digital resources, including an e-atlas and brand-new interactive activities.
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“The Atlases are age appropriate and are bright and inviting for the students. The teachers like the resources that go with the atlases since they connect with literacy lessons and standards. I also like how the atlases build upon each other each year, you can really see the progression of geography skills.”
Suzanne Gons
District Supervisor of Social Studies

Essential Geography Resources




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