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See the World

New! Nystrom Grade 1 Atlas


Local Explorations

Help your first graders better understand the world around us by exploring the world around them, starting with neighborhoods.

Discover What's Inside

See the World helps first graders understand what we can see on maps and globes, what neighborhoods look like, where people live and work, and how children on different continents are like them.

Backyard Buddies help first-graders explore their world from the insects’ own unique perspectives.

Build Foundational Skills

By focusing in on the basics, first graders begin to learn foundational geography skills, such as:

  • Identify symbols on a map
  • Interpret and compare photographs and maps
  • Identify different types of homes
  • Identify changes in a neighborhood
  • Locate their state on a map
  • Describe differences in seasons

Turnkey and Cross-Curricular

First graders have fun applying their skills in engaging, hands-on ways, including creating make-believe telescopes and colorful mobiles.

Activities include discussion guides and cross-curricular connections, making it easy to incorporate social studies into instructional time. 

Literacy lessons are designed to build ELA skills and concepts—such as categorizing words and describing connections—in the context of social studies.

Anytime, Anywhere

Meet students where they are and engage parents in their learning with digital resources, including an e-atlas and brand-new interactive activities.

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“The Atlases are age appropriate and are bright and inviting for the students. The teachers like the resources that go with the atlases since they connect with literacy lessons and standards. I also like how the atlases build upon each other each year, you can really see the progression of geography skills.”
Suzanne Gons
District Supervisor of Social Studies

Essential Geography Resources

Grade 1 Mapping Program

Grade 1 Mapping Program

Grade 1 Mapping Program

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