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Powerful Social Studies Resources

Get students hands-on and immersed in social studies with Active Classroom, Exploring Where & Why, and Mapping World History

Exploring Where & Why


Discover what Exploring Where & Why has to offer students and teachers with sample pages and images of atlases, teacher’s guides, maps, and more! When you’re ready, login to review the program.


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Active Classroom - World History

Grade 6

Discover what Active Classroom brings to your grade 6 world history students! Explore the platform to get a better understanding of what it offers, and when you’re ready, login to explore your content.

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Mapping World History

Contextualize geography in world history and ensure students have a complete view of the world. Mapping World History is a hands-on program that deeply engages students with important topics. 

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Meet Your State Curriculum Specialist

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Contact your curriculum specialist about bringing these exciting maps and globes into your school!