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NEW! Encompass

A skill-based mapping program for elementary school

One Hands-On Program,
Multiple Skills

Teach foundational geography, literacy, and critical-thinking skills with Encompass, our new hands-on elementary mapping program!


<p>Encompass is all about hands-on geography, teaching spatial thinking and mapping skills using</p>
<ul><li>markable activity globes scaffolded for Grades 1-5;</li>
<li>a variety of hands-on maps, including raised relief; and</li>
<li>Social Studies Place Mats featuring primary and secondary sources.</li>


Activities foster reading comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening skills through

  • expository text with vocabulary in context;
  • a variety of writing tasks; and
  • classroom discussion and engaging read-alouds.

Critical Thinking & Analysis

Students build critical-thinking and analysis skills by

  • examining maps, photos, and graphics;
  • interpreting data in graphs and charts; and
  • analyzing primary and secondary sources.

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