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A Foundation of Geography

The teacher’s guide is filled with skills-based activities designed around the student atlas and hands-on tools, putting geography at the foundation of social studies. Each activity includes clear objectives and is divided into four sections: Getting Started, Teaching, Summarizing and Assessing, and Extending.

Interaction with Text and Images

Students engage with text and images using the student atlas, which includes images with captions, chunked text, detailed maps, legends, graphs, and charts. The grade-level atlases are scaffolded, meeting students where they are and preparing them for the next grade level. 

Active Hands-On Learning

With the aid of kid-sized globes and desk maps, students practice skills, engage in conversations, and respond to their peers’ ideas. Working in small groups, students interact with age-appropriate primary and secondary sources featured on the Social Studies Place Mats.  

Elementary students using a hands-on map and atlas

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