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Encompass Viewpoints

New Grade 1 Mapping Program

New! Hands-On, Activity-Based Program

Introduce young learners to geography using developmentally appropriate manipulatives and activities that are easy to teach and fun to learn!

Discover What's Inside

Encompass Viewpoints introduces first graders to geography through the following topics:

  • Unit 1: What can we learn from maps and globes?
  • Unit 2: What can we learn about neighborhoods?
  • Unit 3: What can we learn about the United States?
  • Unit 4: What can we learn about the world?

Build Foundational Skills

Using hands-on activities, you’ll teach first graders the following foundational skills and concepts.

  • Identifying symbols, land, and water on a map
  • Comparing maps and globes and continents and oceans
  • Identifying changes in our world
  • Finding a route and locating states on a map
  • Identifying north, south, east, and west
  • Understanding day and night and changes within neighborhoods

Supplement Social Studies with Turnkey Activities

Encompass is a fun and flexible way to teach geographic literacy. Skills-based activities can be taught sequentially or stand on their own. And at 15-30 minutes, they’re easy to fit into instructional time.

In addition to hands-on learning time, activities include an assessment and a cross-curricular extension. And we provide answer keys too.

Examples of activities: Scavenger Hunt, Pictures and Symbols, Reading a Map, Natural or not?

Get a Cartful of Components

Grade 1 includes the following components. Your students will enjoy working collaboratively with the writable globe, maps, and Place Mat.

  • Encompass Viewpoints Teacher’s Guide
  • See the World Student Atlas – set of 6
  • 9″ Activity Globe – set of 6
  • U.S./World Desk Map – set of 30
  • Community Desk Map – set of 15
  • Social Studies Place Mat – set of 6
  • U.S. Natural Regions Raised Relief Map – set of 6
  • Wide Tipped Markers – set of 30
  • Elementary Atlas Cart
  • 5-year digital subscription – coming 2023!
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“The Atlases are age appropriate and are bright and inviting for the students. The teachers like the resources that go with the atlases since they connect with literacy lessons and standards. I also like how the atlases build upon each other each year, you can really see the progression of geography skills.”
Suzanne Gons
District Supervisor of Social Studies

Essential Geography Resources


Grade 1 Atlas Pack

Spanish Atlas Pack

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