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Black Voices Matter

Storytelling has helped humans make sense of their world and their history from the beginning. Stories connect us to our past, help us make sense of the present, and potentially guide us into the future. How do we make sense of this particular moment in time? We are collecting stories that will help students understand, emote, and respond to the rapid pace of events in the world around them.

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Read “Black Voices Matter: A Personal Reflection” to see the events unfolding in our nation through the eyes of a young African American man, and share your story with students across the country

Black Voices Matter
A Personal Reflection

When protests began to sweep the country, we checked in with our Social Studies family. Daelin Hayes, the son of one our Curriculum Specialists, La Keshia O’Neal, reacted to the video of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of the Minneapolis police like many African American men across the nation reacted. Read his words and understand the message that our fellow citizens are spreading not just across the nation, but across the world.

Read Daelin’s message

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Please share your experience and/or reflections below. We plan to share these stories as primary sources to help students understand multiple perspectives. With the help of your experiences, teachers can facilitate student self-reflection and hone their abilities to have conversations about difficult topics.

With your story, include your name, a short bio, and your contact information below. If we select your narrative to be part of a lesson on race we will notify you and compensate you for the use of your story.

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