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This guide is for authors of blog posts. Please refer to it once you have been approved to write your post.To submit a topic to be approved, please visit our Blog Authors page to choose and submit a topic.

Author Guide

If you are approved to write the post

Note your due date

Make note of the due date given to you by the editor. You will normally have 1 week to write your blog post and submit it after your pitch is approved.

Choose a working title

Note: You choose the working title, and we choose the final title. We use our SEO strategy to choose great titles, so don’t be surprised if your working title does not become the final, published title.

Make it educational & fun

The goal of our blog is to share helpful advice and information with social studies educators and administrators in an enjoyable medium. The tone is lighthearted and relaxed—it’s not an academic paper, so use easy-going language and write in a way that everyone understands.

Blog articles must be 600 – 1000 words

Write as much as needed to discuss your topic within these boundaries. Let us know if you want to suggest a different length.

Use our keywords at least once

Once the editor has approved your blog post topic and working title, she will send you a couple of keywords that match your topic. Try to use these keywords at least once in your article. They will help to make your writing appear in searches, increasing views to your writing.

Give your blog post a great intro sentence 

Take a look at this article if you would like to find out more about great intro sentences:

Include an intro, body, and conclusion

Include and introduction, (find out more here, a body, and a conclusion. 

Stay on topic

Make sure everything you write relates directly back to the topic. It’s great to use anecdotes to make a point clear, but please make sure that point is on topic. Every paragraph of the post should be about the one topic you have chosen. If not, the blog editor will ask for rewrites.

Submit your blog post

Send your finished blog post to Monet Hendricks at We will send a confirmation message upon receipt, but keep in mind it may take 2-3 business days to get back to you.


Next steps

Editing process

The blog editor may suggest changes to your article and return it to you for a rewrite.


We’ll let you know by email when your blog post is scheduled to be posted, and when it posts.


Your blog post will be promoted via our social media channels, and via email campaigns.


Please note:


We own the rights to the content you provide us. We may re-purpose it and use it again in the future for any promotional purposes.

We’ll want to use your real name

We’re looking for real social studies authors and educators, so we do want to use your full legal name in your byline.

We’ll need you to provide a short bio

To add authenticity, we would like to include a short bio at the end of your article. Please follow these guidelines for your bio:

  • 2-3 sentences
  • What to say about yourself: You can mention where you live, (state or city) where you teach, your school, your specializations, your education interests, any degrees or awards.
  • Answer this question within your bio: What is your personal goal as a social studies professional, an educator, or an author?

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