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The Nystrom
Atlas of Texas History

Clear and comprehensive methods to build geography skills while visualizing history

A New Way to Use Atlases

This first edition of The Nystrom Atlas of Texas History uses various approaches to teach about Texas in a new and exciting way by incorporating graphs, maps, charts, and images.
Image of the state of Texas
The First Edition Nystrom Atlas of Texas History is specifically designed to meet TEKS objectives and history standards. The atlas provides concise, necessary information. A diverse range of notable figures are highlighted, many of which would not get the properly deserved attention from larger textbooks.
The First Edition Nystrom Atlas of Texas History includes both political and physical maps of Texas, the United States, and the world. Also included are various infographs to engage reluctant readers, and spreads featuring notable Texans and the impact they have made in Texas.

Modern Texas

Encourage discussion by reviewing the Modern Texas unit to compare and contrast the changes that have occurred in the state over the years. Students can pinpoint significant changes and discuss how these changes have made an impact on Texas.


Available in Print and Digital

Bring The First Edition Nystrom Atlas of Texas History to life both at home and in the classroom. All the great information available in the atlas is now easy to enjoy digitally. Create a fun and interactive experience for students.

In This Edition

Discover all the geographic history Texas has to offer in this beautifully illustrated atlas. Students will be able to uncover historical facts from the first inhabitants of Texas, as well as learn about the diversity of modern Texas. Notable Content:
  • An easy to understand “Using This Atlas ” guide
  • Notable Texans excerpts give a spotlight to those who played major roles in history
  • Land maps showcase geographic diversity
  • Understand the conflicts between the different groups that settled in Texas
  • The Modern Texas Unit covers what living in Texas is like today

Atlas Pack

The Atlas Pack for the Atlas of Texas History brings together the atlas, student activities, and digital platform for a seamless curriculum.


Included in the Atlas Pack: 
  • 30 copies of the Atlas of Texas History
  • Reproducible student activities book
  • 5-year access on Nystrom World, including:
    • Atlas flipbook
    • Interactive activities

Download a sample

Mapping Georgia History

Mapping Texas History is a hands-on program developed to ground Texas history students in the geography of where each line in the history book actually happened.

Notable Content:

  • By using evidence from visual resources and text, students can gather, organize, and synthesize information
  • The program pushes students to think critically with interactive activities that are available exclusively online
  • Build a powerful foundation in the classroom by having students map out key themes and events to discover patterns and relationships in history.
Image of a quotation mark
“Now more than ever, students need the intellectual power to recognize societal problems, ask good questions and develop robust investigations into them, consider possible solutions and consequences, separate evidence-based claims from parochial opinions, and communicate and act upon what they learn.”
C3 Framework
for Social Studies School Standards

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