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Civics Collection

Cultivate civic-mindedness and student-led inquiry

Show your students what it means to take action

Active Classroom’s Civics Collection helps students examine the  influences of civic engagement and social movements over time. 

Lessons that meet your standards

With the Civics Collection students examine the structure and function of the United States government and its relationship to states and citizens. Each lesson in the collection includes detailed teaching notes and the C3 dimension that’s addressed. Teach an entire lesson or choose the parts that map to your standards.

Bring civics to life with cool tools

Students can zoom in to analyze images and documents, choose from 30 languages to translate text, and much more. Active Classroom’s built-in tools help students build essential skills, from critical thinking to primary and secondary source analysis to compare and contrast. 

Auto-graded quizzes? Yes!

You choose which quiz to assign students, and Active Classroom automatically grades each one for you. You can also easily assign lessons, track student progress, and give feedback from the easy-to-use teacher dashboard. 

The Active Classroom platform integrates with Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and ClassLink. Ask us about other LMS.

We're at the ready to answer your questions about our Government and Civics Collection. 

Reproducible activity book

Government Activators Level I

Designed specifically for middle grades, these ten cooperative active-learning lessons and simulations cover the foundations, structure, and operations of U.S. government.


  • Copyright 2020
  • Published by Interact
  • 221 pages
6 7 8
Paperback atlas

Atlas of United States History

Go beyond geography and contextualize US history with this powerful history atlas. The ten chronological units, each covering a major era, emphasize recurring themes to help students build a sense of historical continuity and awareness of cause and effect.


  • Copyright 2019 (updated edition)
  • Published by Nystrom
  • 128 pages each
5 6 7 8 910 11 12
Simulations and posters

The Presidential Election Process

After reviewing the U.S. election structure and learning the histories and philosophies of six major political parties, students form campaign committees and take on roles to work towards an election day rally.


  • Copyright 2012
  • Published by Interact
  • 87 pages
5 678

Enhance the Classroom

Contact your curriculum specialist to learn more.

Enhance the Classroom

Contact your curriculum specialist to learn more.