Immersive. Engaging. Interact.

Interact simulations offer participatory, kinesthetic experiences for all learning types.

Don’t just read it. Live it.

Interact’s open-ended learning simulations invite students to actively participate by role-playing, telling stories, and collaborating to solve problems.

Uniquely Immersive

Interact simulations use engaging formats like reenactment, character-building, and storytelling to enhance students’ understanding of social studies concepts.

Designed to Meet Standards

Interact simulations highlight the four dimensions of the C3 Framework and meet national social studies standards, making them the perfect addition to existing curricula.

Perfectly Flexible

Some Interact simulations last a class period. Some run for a few days. Some are intended for several weeks. With so many simulations to choose from, there’s something for every classroom.
I've already taken a few unofficial surveys of my students as to engagement and they're off the charts with loving how the simulation is going and how much they're learning and being inspired because of it. Kids are dressing up, too! Some have even reached out to family members in Guatemala. One of our noon supervisors ended up purchasing a genetics kit to learn more about her history. It's really incredible how this unit has inspired and engaged our whole learning community!
Amy Murphy
Grade 7 Educator

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